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Before You Start
How it All Works
"Ocad Convert" Window
"Convert Ocad File..." Window
CNV Files
Automatic OCAD Conversion
User-controlled OCAD Conversion
Step 1. Area To Convert
Step 2. Check Symbol Set
Area Vegetation
Area Water
Clone Param
Ground Texture
Linear Contour
Linear Ditch
Linear Flat
Linear 3DS
Line To Area
No Terrain Cut
Point 3DS
Point Flat
Point Hole
Point To Area
Single Tree
Uncrossable Area
Step 3. Downhill Directions
Step 4. Check Contour Heights
Step 5. Height Map
Step 6. Create Terrain
Step 7. Set Veggies
Menu Items
Special Tasks
EXAMPLE: Adding a pile of stones
EXAMPLE: Making an unpassable wall
EXAMPLE: Buildings
Adding a Forest Type
Creating a Hedge
Tileable textures
Creating a custom symbol list
Adding objects only in the terrain
Adding multiple objects

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