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Open:08:00 Jul 14 2008
Close:08:00 Jul 29 2008
Map:/rnd-0rzl16o16o15f1iw18hxf000epi1xpo1gpf1dy95kv/events/North Selmalandfield National Park/day1/Course04.course
Created by:Zaccros
Avg Rating:1.0 / 5.0 (3 votes)


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1. tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK 44:35  
several small mistakes..
2. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 46:54  
3. Sami Norway Freidig 47:05  *****
Still the same boring map, still a looong, boring course with controls buried in the ground, and now you can't get anywhere from the start...
4. pettmark Norway Kristiansand OK 47:48  
5. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 49:22  
6. Gollum New Zealand Misty Mountains 49:35  
7. OBT France KLS 50:54  *****
8. stevegregg United States BAOC 52:27  
9. Trying Sweden 52:41  
10. Tof France Annecy SO 55:35  
11. jockedaman wigertz Sweden L-100 IF 56:23  
when starting you are stuck in the stone!!!
12. Emiliyan Onoufriev Bulgaria Sever Pleven 61:00  
jeb France VSO dnf  
Luis M Santos Portugal CPOC dnf  
Benoit France GO 78 dnf  *****
dre Belgium trol dnf  
David Saianda Portugal Gafanhori dnf  
rogga Sweden polisens if dnf  
Nelsonn Portugal CPOC dnf  
Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
Joe Berg Sweden OK Älgen dnf  
Posed Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec dnf  
Lom Russian Federation dnf  
Ejdamm Sweden Karlskrona SOK dnf  
Fredrik Wigertz Sweden L-100 IF dnf  
Kent Sweden Haninge SOK dnf  
ittam Sweden IKHP dnf  
Arvid Glowka Germany Borussia Dortmund dnf  
Haakon Andre Norway Tyrving dnf  
gvtoukc France TSN dnf  
PBT38250 France OKL dnf