Menu Reference

Insert -> Add Point

Shortcut key: F11

Inserts a point into the current texture. Only works in 2D mode. Click somewhere on the map view to create the point. If more than one texture is selected, it will insert a point into the topmost selected one in the list.

Insert -> Make Tri from 3 Sel Pts

Shortcut key: F12

Makes a triangle from 3 selected points. All three points must be from the same texture. Creates the triangle with the visible side "up".

Insert -> Clone Selected Geometry

This will make an exact copy of any selected points and tris. This is the closest thing you have to "cut and paste". It leaves the points and tris in the same place, but unselects one of the clones, so just move the new points to a new location. If you unselect right away you'll have identical tris on top of each other, which doesn't do any good.