Menu Reference

Courses -> Edit Courses

This shows the course control locations on the map and enables the rest of this menu.

Courses -> Lock Control Locations

When this is set you cannot move the control circles around. Once you get all the controls placed and thier circles centered over the control, it is best to set this so you don't accidentally move the circle out of alignment with the control geometry.

Courses -> Show AI Paths

This toggles the AI path visibility, if there is a course selected and there are AI paths for that course.

Courses -> Check Vertical Collisions in Path Calc

When this is set, the AI path calculations will check for collisions with vertical objects, and try to avoid them. This is not necessary for most maps, as normal forest has very few vertical things. But for park-o type levels with many buildings and fences it is sometimes necessary. Your results may vary. Turned off by default because it slows things down quite a bit.

Courses -> Recalc Current Course Path

This will recalculate the AI course paths for the currently selected course.

Courses -> Recalc All Course Paths

This recalculates the paths for all courses on the loaded map.

Courses -> Insert Control

This adds a control circle to the map (not a physical control).

There is an important difference between the control circle and the control geometry. The circle is the purple thing drawn in the 2d view. It is only drawn on the map, and used to figure out when you've reached the control in the game. The physical control geometry is the actual 3D control that you see in the game. This is made by importing the control.3ds model (or something similar) from the File->Import3DS menu.

Placing a control circle without placing control geometry is basically the same as making a course in real live but forgetting to put the bag in the woods. You need to do both.

Courses -> Delete Current Control

Deletes the current control circle.

Courses -> Add New Course

Inserts a new course into the currently loaded map and event.

To delete a course, just find its file (coursename.course) under the maps/mapname/events/day1/ directory and delete it.

Courses -> Move Current Course Up

Moves the currently selected course up one in the list. This order is how they are displayed in the game, so you may want to sort them by length or difficulty.

Courses -> None

Selects no course. This will show only the control circles, but no courses or paths.

Courses -> CourseXX

Selects the course and shows it in the view. Shows the clue sheet for the course. Also shows any AI paths for this course if they are made and turned on.