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In memory of sjurs sickdom!

Open:08:00 Jan 24 2008
Close:08:00 Jan 31 2008
Map:/rnd-173l35s0e8hr1fmrl1gko6o011z1c0ehxrr1cjh9rv/events/North Suffolkham Cliffs/day1/Course05.course
Created by:Fraastad
Description:Hope you arn`t ill when I visit you this weekend! Here you have something to do when your sick! Please coment if I can come to you or Not!!! Coment everybody if its good or bad! its a random map (the same as sprint O) just 9.4 kilometers and 25 c
Avg Rating:3.3 / 5.0 (3 votes)


45 official (+5 reruns) 4 comments

1. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 103:55  
2. Martin Posselt Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 144:23  
3. Edik Czech Republic 150:11  
4. aizo Latvia Ziemelkurzeme 216:53  
5. Chy Nick Ukraine Odessa 389:31  
BLegg United States ORCA dnf  
pk Scotland ESOC dnf  
Sugvaldsen Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  
bratt_mauricio Brazil Cocamp dnf  
alexander Germany DJK Adler 07 Bottrop dnf  
T.Nishimura Japan Zombies dnf  
PHJ65 Finland SuSe dnf  
nightfox Sweden GMOK dnf  
stefan Sweden OK Älvsjö Örby dnf  
Vasili Ukraine Kiev dnf  
vov. Russian Federation Neitron dnf  
sparven Sweden IKHP dnf  
P.F.Nogueira Portugal ADFA dnf  
svante Sweden Söderhamns OK dnf  
dre Belgium trol dnf  
Kalugin Andrey Russian Federation Moscow dnf  
Philipp Koch Germany OC Schwaben dnf  *****
Betak Czech Republic Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Ben Sand France viking dnf  
lasken-kingen Norway Lasken OK dnf  
rogga Sweden polisens if dnf  
zhaly.kom Czech Republic THC Pener dnf  
Jadir Brazil COC dnf  
Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
Rainer Germany OC Schwaben dnf  
Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica dnf  
Posed Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec dnf  
Stephan Germany OC Schwaben dnf  
Grangren Sweden NTNUI dnf  
Michael Granqvist Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
Acke Granbarr Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Ida Mari Norway Kristiansand OK dnf  *****
antonsson Bhutan Eksjö SOK dnf  
mob Canada TOC dnf  
ittam Sweden IKHP dnf  
Magnus Asmussen Denmark neXus OK dnf  
Subbe Norway Buvik IL dnf  
Ulv Norway IL Tyrving dnf  
Kasper Dinesen Denmark neXus OK dnf