Catching Features

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Please see the demo page for download information.

Registration Code / License?

Have you already purchased Catching Features, but have lost your registration information? Email me with the name and address on your order and I can look up your info and resend it.

Downloads / Updates

Q: How do I know what version I currently have?
A: Go to the options menu of the game, the version number will appear in the lower right corner. If there is no number there, you have 1.0

Full Game Download: version 1.426
CF r1.426 : CF_r1_426_Install.exe (42.6M) changelist


All add-on map packs require the full version of Catching Features.

OTCF 2006

Didn't get to run all the races? Get the add-on OTCFWS 2006 map pack! It has all 9 maps for you to play. Requires ~80 mb of hard drive space to install.
CF_OTCF06Maps.exe. (31 mb)

CF Map Contest 2006

Play all the maps from the 2006 CF Map Design Contest. Contains 10 maps:
CF_MapContest06Maps.exe (27 mb)

CF Map Contest 2008

Play all the maps from the 2008 CF Map Design Contest. Contains 3 maps:
CF_MapContest08Maps.exe (12 mb)


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