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RND - sprint

Open:08:00 Aug 29 2012
Close:08:00 Sep 05 2012
Map:/rnd-255r1kw1kwm8p0gogob4b40101rr00fkrr8cp0/events/Ljung vs dayne/day1/middle.course
Created by:Ljung
Description:lack of ocad's... this one is runnable, but some details are gone... fixed most of them. some hills can be really flat ,sometimes gone. marshes are slower than green and green areas are slower than white. ;) Have fun! //LJUNG
Avg Rating:3.0 / 5.0 (24 votes)


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1. OBT France KLS 15:10  *****
wow. it was fun. I was a bit lucky..
2. Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK 15:40  *****
Svårt som fan, tror tyvärr inte jag kan slå denna :-)
3. mogd001 New Zealand OK Linné 15:53  
4. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 16:29  
why did a prepare for a steep random? this wasnt very funny
5. Victor Bergstrand Sweden Motala AIF OL 16:58  
6. jean France VSO 17:03  
7. Danskeman Sweden Pan-Kristianstad 17:32  
8. color Switzerland converter 17:52  *****
not much work would be needed to make it realy beautiful... still don't vote it down because you can't handle the challange
9. janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple 17:54  
9. Thynnmas Norway Team Pez And Snapple 17:54  
11. devonbeckman New Zealand HBOC 18:19  
Lost time on 11
12. antfor Sweden L-100 IF 18:24  *****
actully really hard
13. hunkhammar Sweden OLGY Slayers 18:32  
14. Folle Turkey Achmet OK 18:35  
15. andersem Jamaica NTNUI 18:39  
16. SG Sweden IF Rigor 19:44  
17. ColmM Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 20:13  *****
18. Trying Sweden 22:06  
19. Anton Karlsson Sweden OK Kullingshof 22:10  
20. Pauls Liepins Latvia Town dummies 23:26  
uuhhh a quite tough one for rnd :) winners should go under 20 min easy. but this will be a bit game of luck :)
21. gvtoukc France TSN 24:34  
22. Greig Hamilton New Zealand PAPO 25:29  
23. Bobafett Sweden Attunda OK 26:16  
24. Michaël Van Baelen Belgium Trol 26:19  *****
This was weird in the beginning, apart from my 10' mistake in the beginning it went smooth. ;)
25. Felloop Czech Republic Lokomotiva Pardubice 27:16  *****
big mistake
26. mr.Apo Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 27:41  
27. Dewett Denmark OK SNAB 28:30  
28. MCpaccao Sweden Bredareds IF 30:37  *****
29. Twoja Stara Poland KPG 32:41  
30. OrienterarN Sweden OLGY Slayers 33:15  *****
Hahaha! That was sick! Zooming in the map made it so much easier... :P The only thing that is missing is the night-mode!!! xD
31. andre de veirman Belgium trol 36:10  
32. Baumann Edouard Switzerland OLC SKOG Freiburg 36:42  
33. Kas Australia NTOC 41:04  
34. Acke Granbarr Sweden OLGY Slayers 41:05  
35. glaBRoss New Zealand HBOC 46:03  *****
Description was inaccurate, you said nothing about it being shit. 1st control was way too short. My rating is purely sarcastic.
36. Jadir Brazil COC 58:37  
37. Akva Ukraine Odessa 62:46  
38. Boris Isaikin Russian Federation DINAMO 99:16  *****
39. Marek Záveský Czech Republic LOKO Ceska Trebova 120:30  
querem France orientalp dnf  *****
julien France coatarmor 29 dnf  
Kenneth Norway Egersund OK dnf  
jeb France VSO dnf  *****
Erik M Sweden Ok Nolaskogsarna dnf  
atb Australia Melbourne Forest Racers dnf  *****
PHJ65 Finland SuSe dnf  
Tintin93 Sweden Tullinge Sk dnf  
Razz. Sweden OK Linné dnf  
nacho rubio Spain ALCON dnf  *****
Martin Posselt Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Appdreas Sweden Tullinge SK dnf  
OliB Switzerland SKOG dnf  
Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica dnf  
KaiserChief Austria ASKÖ Henndorf dnf  
PVA Switzerland OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
Brzi Slovenia OKB dnf  
David G Sweden IKHP dnf  
Heller Serbia PD Pobeda dnf  
Mighty Quinn Sweden SOL-BoyZ dnf  
tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar dnf  
Werner Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  *****
I fell of the map when reading it! :(
Klll Denmark neXus OK dnf  
Simark Sweden Tullinge SK dnf  
Vimark Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
Faebu Switzerland ol.biel.seeland dnf  
O-funk Norway Tyrving dnf  
Kobrik Czech Republic TATRAN JABLONEC dnf  
Koliasik Russian Federation peppers dnf  
MH Norway NTNUI dnf  *****
thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais dnf  
Micha182 Italy OrTarzo dnf  *****
Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis dnf  
haha dived into that without thinking
Linus Sweden dnf  *****
Gordon Shumway Sweden Rehns BK dnf  
MOR Brazil PAM-BR dnf  
Osamoborac Croatia OK Linné dnf  *****
how to relocate xD
Baune Denmark OK Roskilde dnf  
tribesman Russian Federation dauai dnf  
LPasturiza Brazil COSaM dnf  
Mala Sweden Hestra IF dnf  
Yosyp Ukraine dnf  
Manuel Horta Portugal Gafanhori dnf  
Forzza Sweden Motala aif ol dnf  
OG OscaJ Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Wellington Pasturiza Brazil COSaM dnf  
anjo Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Adam Bedrich Wanek Czech Republic Loko Trutnov dnf  
Erik Forsberg Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
Jan Klusacek Czech Republic OOB Trebic dnf  
henrikh Sweden västerås sok dnf  
Hjortronet Sweden Attunda OK dnf  
Ali Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Liam Paterson New Zealand Taranaki dnf  
TheEmil Sweden CFCC dnf  
artemisia_genipi Switzerland CO Cern dnf  
Karl Vervoort Belgium Trol dnf  
Coentjen Belgium TROL dnf  
vschetchikov Russian Federation legenda dnf  
Oskar Leinonen Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  
JontyO New Zealand Auckland OC dnf  
Pavel Klaška Jr. Czech Republic OOB KOtláøka Praha dnf  
Ting Wei Myanmar I-Taiwan orienteering club dnf  
Adair MS Brazil CODD dnf  
TruPlu Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
Lill Helge Sweden Hestra IF dnf  
Yury Russian Federation Strogino dnf  
Stenvikteam Norway Byåsen IL dnf  
Empa Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
Ultimate Belarus O'Belarus dnf  
BigJohn United States PTOC dnf  
Benjamin CLEMENT-AGONI France Talant Sport Orientation dnf  
Lazy ass Italian Italy U.s Primiero dnf  
Moi c moi New Caledonia Atlas dnf  
RaideN Lithuania Telsiai OK dnf  
GS2013 Brazil COSAM dnf  
Gafr Norway Team Skauen dnf  
EVERTON Brazil COSM dnf  
Infinite Ways Austria LAC dnf  
Tuv Mol Sweden OK Linne dnf  
Lunkan Sweden OK Orion dnf  
JonasG Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
Kipchoge Kenya UCOC dnf  
sampeboy Korea, North IFK möra dnf  
JS Sweden OK Kullingshof dnf  
DanRön Sweden Ok Linne dnf  
Yann.savoie France EMHM dnf  
Jissbacke Sweden Gävle OK dnf  *****