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[OCAD] Aydat E13

Open:06:00 Sep 23 2011
Close:08:00 Oct 08 2011
Map:/Aydat Centre/events/Aydat Centre/day1/long.course
Created by:OBT
Description:long night
Avg Rating:4.5 / 5.0 (28 votes)


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1. Knubbe Sweden OK Computer 39:06  
omg that is a lot of mistakes.. very annoying miss to third, since i killed the rc.. 2min missed :/
2. mansen Sweden GMOK 39:35  *****
very nice!!!!
3. lorrieq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 42:52  *****
2-3 minutes mistakes so I am happy :) This is proper stuff! Feels like IRL and not a game
4. Jonas MB Norway NTNUI 43:06  
5. jean France VSO 43:34  
6. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 43:42  *****
7. Ljung Sweden IKHP 43:45  
invisible trails!..
8. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 44:15  *****
9. rutten Norway Tyrving IL 45:43  
10. mr Sweden OK Linné 45:55  
11. Yury Masnyy Russian Federation SKIRUNNER.RU 45:56  *****
realy hard
12. eickhoff Sweden GMOK 46:24  
13. Jukkis Finland Hiidenkiertäjät 46:54  *****
Oh.. come on, cannot be possible to run over every path =P Still really nice!
14. Didde Sweden Nyköpings OK 46:55  *****
15. Paul_Sirum Norway Frol IL 49:06  *****
bad race!
16. glaBRoss New Zealand HBOC 49:27  *****
damn, a few big blowouts :S
17. Starkin Pavel Russian Federation Albatros 49:55  
18. Andreas Hultqvist Sweden Tullinge SK 50:16  
19. Dewett Denmark OK SNAB 50:34  *****
20. antfor Sweden L-100 IF 51:09  
21. Thynnmas Norway Team Pez And Snapple 52:15  *****
Got seriously stuck in a tent...
22. Ugglan Sweden Malungs OK 52:24  *****
23. ColmM Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 53:21  *****
it was not a good race, but I have also run a lot worse on this map... Beautiful as ever ;)
24. jonnyq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 53:41  *****
bad race compass confused the shit outof me ometimes eg 12
25. Vojcek Czech Republic SSU 55:51  
26. LPasturiza Brazil COSaM 60:44  
27. go straight Austria OCFF 60:58  
28. Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK 62:46  *****
the pathes could have been more visible
29. LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK 63:34  
30. VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team 67:43  *****
31. RUSIA Guernsey monolit 68:28  
32. Boris Isaikin Russian Federation DINAMO 69:30  *****
33. Ben Sand France viking 70:39  
34. DanielBarkasz Romania CSU Craiova 70:51  *****
35. Philochillo Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf 71:17  *****
should take a break of training sometimes^^
36. King of Tol Italy 74:03  
37. gvtoukc France TSN 86:11  
hard ...
38. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 94:05  
39. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 97:29  
40. Baumann Edouard Switzerland SKOG 104:49  *****
41. Karl Vervoort Belgium Trol 109:41  
42. rik Belgium trol 119:10  
43. immy New Zealand Auckland 156:40  
44. ddavi Mali Coc 185:34  *****
yannsavoie France Course d'orientation dnf  
jm France Bigorientation 6503 dnf  
Alri Sweden OK Linné dnf  
Nils Schmiedeberg Germany Turbine Neubrandenburg dnf  
sparven Sweden IKHP dnf  
Ivo Kamenarov Bulgaria Stora Tuna OK dnf  
jeschke Austria OLG Stroeck dnf  
Trying Sweden dnf  
Kapa Finland Uroskarhut dnf  *****
got stuck :/
Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
MariusG Lithuania OK Ravinen dnf  
Frzfrz Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  *****
bad thing if theres a senseless tent which isnt on map. got stuck
teddy Norway KLS dnf  *****
It is a finish after the first control.Crashed in this a not come me out...:( Bad:(
Doogi111 France VASCO dnf  
Klll Denmark neXus OK dnf  
andersem Jamaica NTNUI dnf  
andre de veirman Belgium trol dnf  
Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis dnf  
Linus Sweden dnf  *****
ezrom Sweden LiTHe Vilse dnf  
Razí Sweden OK Bävern dnf  
janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple dnf  *****
Well, got lost, and then stuck...
Anton Karlsson Sweden OK Kullingshof dnf  
MOR Brazil PAM-BR dnf  
Mr. Blackstar Austria WiN Team dnf  
Steken Sweden IF Rigor dnf  
... Switzerland OK dnf  
Manuel Horta Portugal Gafanhori dnf  
Forzza Sweden Motala aif ol dnf  
Riento Finland Lappeen Riento dnf  
JMH Finland Koovee dnf  
j-engström Norway OK Orion dnf  
Charlie the Unicorn Austria WiN Team dnf  
Stevo Cosovic Serbia PSD Kopaonik dnf  
mr.Apo Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
Håkon RB Norway Halden SK dnf  
Hedis Sweden GMOK dnf  
Rouman Czech Republic SKOB Zlín dnf  
Ali Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
TomciO Poland dnf  
artemisia_genipi Switzerland CO Cern dnf  
Aleksey Golubev Russian Federation OMC - Orienta Moscow Compass dnf  
conor Ireland CNOC dnf  
Kallshem Sweden Pan-Kristianstad dnf  
vschetchikov Russian Federation legenda dnf  
Per Lindman Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  *****
Oskar Leinonen Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  
snakes Seborga snakes dnf  
gaffelman Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  
flowerboy Uzbekistan attunda ok dnf