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Six Days Tyrol Training

Open:08:00 Mar 31 2010
Close:08:00 Apr 07 2010
Map:/six day 4.81/events/COMP/day1/Course0.course
Created by:stampfo
Description:relevant Training for stages 1+2 stony short legs
Avg Rating:3.0 / 5.0 (39 votes)


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1. KalleBergman Sweden OK Ravinen 33:26  *****
yeah, my CF crashed and then when I runned the course again I obviously got in the results anyway, I'm sorry. It happens sometimes, this is maybe the third time or something... I didn't notice until i saw the ranking, my regular time where something like 45 mins.
2. Artem Timakov Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 33:58  
3. Temyakov Andrey Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 34:43  
4. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 41:17  
pretty obvious that we have 3 cheaters on the podium...
5. Yury Masnyy Russian Federation SKIRUNNER.RU 43:12  *****
Agree with sundolf. Hello three cheaters! Probably you are very enjoy to win the competitions like this :)
6. OBT France KLS 44:47  *****
7. Rixel Isle of Man L0ng Runn3r$ 46:21  
8. mr Sweden OK Linné 46:52  *****
hey!, that was strange. but anyway it's quite fun. with a perfect conversion this would be tremendous. now it's a bit hard to read and no distinction between buildings, big and small cliffs. but fuN!
9. Théo France Annecy SO 47:12  
10. Jukkis Finland Hiidenkiertäjät 49:15  
All those cliffs were bit too weird :P and I wasn't sure if control is above cliff or under it :/
11. wangis Sweden OLGY Slayers 50:40  *****
wtf, bad
12. Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis 51:11  *****
We gather here today to commemorate the life of a brilliant map...
13. thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais 52:17  
14. Thynnmas Norway Team Pez And Snapple 52:22  *****
15. Jonas MB Norway NTNUI 52:59  *****
you got stuck all the time :(
16. Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK 53:48  
17. jacks Sweden GMOK 54:10  
18. Ours du 69 France JOG 57:01  
19. Jochen Sweden GMOK 57:13  *****
20. Youare Sweden Gammelstads IF 57:35  *****
not so good, you get stuck all the time an wtf are the poles?
21. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 57:46  
22. janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple 58:23  
23. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 58:44  
24. Koliasik Russian Federation peppers 58:48  *****
25. Lasse skare Therkildsen Denmark OK-HTF 59:19  
26. shurik Ukraine OK Orion 59:59  
27. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 60:32  
28. LPasturiza Brazil COSaM 62:06  *****
29. BeN'O France COCS 62:23  
30. mangenilsson Sweden LOK 62:30  
31. Ben Sand France viking 62:42  
32. Hollbeck Sweden Bromma-Vällingby SOK 62:48  
33. honzau United States SDO 63:00  *****
It looks like a nice map, and you just killed it. Conversion is awfull.
34. Ivo Kamenarov Bulgaria Stora Tuna OK 63:47  
35. jeb France VSO 63:57  
36. HuggE Saudi Arabia SOL-BoyZ 63:58  
too long course! got boring for a while
37. sas Norway n/a 64:42  *****
im disappointed of this stamfo. + interesting map - Poor map quality, really hard to read the map good, ant thats really important on this kind of map. - Really bad conversation of the rock formations, at least make them WAY smaller than that. - The SPEED on cliff texture is so slow, u just stand still all the time, pls change it to a good speed, not the default 1 -
38. andre de veirman Belgium trol 66:18  *****
39. nAoMi Austria NTNUI 67:55  
40. gvtoukc France TSN 68:12  
41. Ulrik Nordberg Sweden Bergnäsets AIK 70:40  
42. Karschtl Germany USV TU Dresden 71:22  
43. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 72:59  
44. terka Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 74:08  *****
so nice:)
45. Stigsmark Sweden Stora Tuna OK 79:16  *****
46. Akva Ukraine Odessa 80:42  *****
47. Martin Posselt Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 82:41  *****
48. fabiomars Italy U.s Primiero 85:22  *****
49. CillinC Ireland Raping Routechoices 85:30  
50. Alfredsson Sweden Winforce Sweden 86:11  
51. jolly rogers Australia 87:30  
52. Linus Landergren Sweden Hestra if 89:32  
53. Jan Petržela Czech Republic Loko Trutnov 89:38  
54. Boris Isaikin Russian Federation DINAMO 93:51  *****
55. Grigas Portugal Gafanhori 100:03  
56. Baumann Edouard Switzerland SKOG 116:33  *****
I'm proud to have succeded
57. mama fon vakzal Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 157:07  
58. Aitan Kahana Israel Ramat Hasharon 158:58  
59. Alon Kahana Israel Ramat Hasharon 174:11  
60. calderma Italy Firenze Orienteering 187:29  
tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK dnf  
no thanks.
apnurmee Finland Kalevan Rasti dnf  
jimy Italy IFK Bombarda dnf  
LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK dnf  
Tom Italy NTNUI dnf  
SV Finland VaHa dnf  
Charles_I Sweden OK Linne dnf  *****
stevegregg United States BAOC dnf  *****
Don't like this map at all
Segisteg Sweden dnf  *****
Zhukov Russian Federation dnf  
Toon Melis Belgium hamok dnf  
AlanP France Annecy SO dnf  
carvo37 Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
sparven Sweden IKHP dnf  
andy Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
Irina Russian Federation dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Philipp Koch Germany OC Schwaben dnf  
Anton Dryankov Russian Federation Nizhegorodec dnf  
Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet dnf  
Trying Sweden dnf  
Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica dnf  
Victor Bergstrand Sweden Motala AIF OL dnf  
Hyvve Sweden Skattkärrs IF dnf  
Frzfrz Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
King of Tol Italy dnf  
Anden Bhutan Eksjö SOK dnf  
Fippe94 Sweden Stora Tuna OK dnf  
A.S.L. Lubina Germany TV Wattenscheid 01 dnf  
Ruben Carnero Spain Sotobosque dnf  
lorrieq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf  *****
an automatic conversion would have come out better. Didnt get lost just fucking bored.... seriously bad
PBT38250 France OKL dnf  
MathiasS Norway Kolboten og Skimt o-lag dnf  
Anton Hallor Sweden Ok Tisaren dnf  
samus Croatia hoka hei dnf  *****
the map is just to hard too read, in my opinion, the cliffs arent distinctive enough, waht a
LSV Ukraine O-club dnf  
-=MoGiLaN=- Belarus O'Belarus dnf  
ozq Finland Espoon Suunta dnf  
Linus Sweden dnf  
sailormoon Austria SU Klagenfurt dnf  
mansen Sweden GMOK dnf  
Val France Orient'alp dnf  
cwgray United States UNO dnf  
yann France EMHM dnf  
Anton Karlsson Sweden OK Kullingshof dnf  
Turdus Sweden OK Älgen dnf  
lostinthewood Cocos Islands AAA dnf  *****
HPM Norway NTNUI dnf  
anhaktov Russian Federation dnf  
Vorob'ev Vladimir Moldova Tiras-Orient dnf  
Grøn Denmark OK Pan Aarhus dnf  
furuczd Slovakia Farmaceut Bratislava dnf  *****
Stundsig Denmark dnf  
antfor Sweden L-100 IF dnf  
not my map
Carlos Never Gets Lost Spain Peña Guara dnf  
Really weird conversion. Reality looks really really different.
DanielBarkasz Romania CSU Craiova dnf  
David Mats Karlsson Sweden OK Bingo dnf  *****
andrey Ukraine dnf  
JuliaR Sweden Ålems ok dnf  
Masah Japan dnf  
Zony Sweden Täby OK dnf  
Jossan Sweden Eksjö SOK dnf  
Forzza Sweden Motala aif ol dnf  
Luka xD Mihaljevic Croatia OK Vihor dnf  
henrik Thoresson Sweden ok Tisaren dnf  *****
Ranie Sweden Bredareds IF dnf  *****
Very difficulty map. but if you are good you can fix it.
Bobafett Sweden Attunda OK dnf  *****