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SpringCupCF Day

Open:08:00 Jan 13 2010
Close:07:45 Jan 29 2010
Map:/SpringCupCF Day/events/SpringCupCF Day/day1/Course 1.course
Created by:Kreiberg
Description:The second and final SpringCupCF competition. Read more at: -> Discussion -> News -> SpringCupCF. Remember to write your e-mail address in order to compete for the prizes. Path very visible, marches are not !
Avg Rating:4.1 / 5.0 (57 votes)


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1. SlaR Sweden OK Computer 23:30  *****
Like high speed and maps where you just can ran straight. Have to be a bit lucky. Is it faster to run trough the green instead of running on the paths?
2. Êîðñàð Ukraine Monolit 24:08  *****
3. Alri Sweden OK Linné 24:10  ***** a couple of misstakes and hitting thousand of trees, otherwise i liked the map :D
3. mr Sweden OK Linné 24:10  *****
decent race
5. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 24:11  *****
not a glorious conversion and a boring terrain. sorry.
6. Knubbe Sweden OK Computer 24:20  
Where are my skills? And where are the decent maps? Definetly not where you ought to find them... This map and course become more of a competition about who hits least trees, and that's not the point of the game, imo. What you could do to prevent this is to ENLARGE your pines, there has got to be at least SOME trees higher than two meters on a map such as this. Do that, plus decrease the number of good trees instead of using that awful wide pine that makes my blood hurl.
7. Ðóñåöêèé Ñåðãåé Ukraine 24:21  *****
8. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 24:27  
9. KalleBergman Sweden OK Ravinen 24:29  *****
10. mansen Sweden GMOK 24:34  *****
nice, my race wasnt too good though
11. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 24:45  
12. rutten Norway Tyrving IL 24:50  
13. Eirik Norway Nydalens SK 25:12
14. anhaktov Russian Federation 25:16  
15. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 25:18  
had no idea how to approach 3d, it was a bit bingo imo. agree with knubbe, it was pretty much just dodging trees
16. Fredde Sweden nxtg 25:19  *****
17. Korik Ukraine 25:24  
18. Kristo Estonia 25:28  *****
18. VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team 25:28  *****
20. Gustav B Sweden OK Ravinen 25:30  *****
21. Johanr Sweden GMOK 25:40  
22. L@uri Estonia OK Võru 25:48  
22. Kent Sweden Haninge SOK 25:48  
24. t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer 25:52  
24. Halvor Eid Nielsen Norway NTNUI 25:52  
26. Daniels Sweden Attunda OK 26:20  *****
Paths could be better, but nice! bad race WT should be like 23
27. challe_swe Sweden IFK Mora 26:23  
28. jeschke Austria OLG Stroeck 26:28  *****
wow, that was a fast sprint! I liked it.
29. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 26:36  
30. Heggo Sweden OL4 26:46  *****
31. Sjöberg Sweden Täby OK 26:47  *****
Really nice! pretty hard and sometimes a little "bingo"... really bad race...
32. stampfo Italy brauch i ned 27:02  
i sucked
33. Jakenm Sweden Gävle OK 27:07  
34. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 27:09  *****
Fun course, fun area. 3.30 mistakes. Hard to make a clean race.
35. Michael Granqvist Sweden OK Ravinen 27:11  
36. ittam Sweden IKHP 27:20  
36. Valverde Sweden OK Hällen 27:20  
38. Ida Mari Norway Kristiansand OK 27:30
39. Mange Sweden FK Göingarna 27:32  
40. Olof Larén-Sandgren Sweden Växjö OK 27:50  *****
A complete crap race by me, myself and I. Missed 3 min and 20 sec. 5 min behind my name shall be. Really nice, and I liked that the ground textures made it harder to see the controls, that alone gives this a 5.
41. Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet 27:58  
42. Elxigo Antarctica SOL-BoyZ 28:04  
first have to say that the picontrols wasn't wrong. the description was right. but the mtf groundtexture was very bad. impossibel to see knolls and other stuff like that. and it was very easy to run to before 15:th.. (i did) small paths in green was very slow! ugly forest.
43. bigE Canada Ottawa OC 28:05  
44. Rulle Sweden IFK Göteborg 28:19  
44. Andreas Hultqvist Sweden Tullinge SK 28:19  
46. sparven Sweden IKHP 28:23  
47. Anden Bhutan Eksjö SOK 28:32  
47. antonsson Bhutan Eksjö SOK 28:32  
49. Steph Clement-Agoni France TSO 28:37  
50. BeN'O France COCS 28:56  *****
Good run, too much feature on the ground. for your road use jpg picture and defaut as texture. white too dense !
50. Hampus Larsson Sweden FK Göingarna 28:56  
52. jeb France VSO 28:58  
53. A.S.L. Lubina Germany TV Wattenscheid 01 29:14  
54. Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis 29:18  *****
My worst race in a while... Conversion was way too rough, the tracks were weird and number 3 was bingo, even before you put it IN the pit. And that big pine tree looks really bad, and kinda makes the whole forest look shit.
55. jacks Sweden GMOK 29:22  
56. eickhoff Sweden GMOK 29:30  
57. janof Slovakia Farmaceut Bratislava 29:41  *****
58. Mariana Moreira Portugal CPOC 29:45  
59. Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna 29:52  
60. Adriaan Pelckmans Belgium Trol 29:53  *****
Nice map but far too dense
60. Daniel Sweden OK Älgen 29:53  
62. Philipp Koch Germany OC Schwaben 30:10  
63. Gordon Shumway Sweden Rehns BK 30:15  
64. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 30:24  
65. Andersen Sweden OK Tisaren 30:30  *****
66. Nigelasi Sweden Ulricehamns OK 31:26  
67. kajari Finland 31:38  
68. Ramson Luxembourg Djobenga Wild 31:55  
69. yann France EMHM 32:15  
70. Steken Sweden IF Rigor 32:16  
71. honzau United States SDO 32:28  *****
72. Robin Sweden FK Göingarna 32:35  
73. Klll Denmark neXus OK 32:57  *****
74. nessie Sweden OK Ravinen 33:21  *****
Good and realistic.
75. Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK 33:25  
76. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 33:32  
77. Blomerik England OAS 33:33  
78. Utt Sweden OK Computer 33:38  *****
a little too much luck on some posts and number 3 was on a pit
79. JH Finland MS Parma 34:01  
80. engstrom Sweden OK Orion 34:12  
81. stevegregg United States BAOC 34:38
82. BLegg United States ORCA 34:49  
83. Ejdamm Sweden Karlskrona SOK 35:02
84. RUSIA Guernsey monolit 35:03  
85. Trying Sweden 35:10  
86. Torgny Sweden Ronneby OK 35:14
87. T6nis Estonia Rakvere OK 35:31  
88. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 36:05  
89. Jakob Andersson Bhutan Bredaryds SOK 36:38  
90. Anton Karlsson Sweden OK Kullingshof 36:53  
91. Ben Sand France viking 37:15  
92. bigluc Italy Polisportiva Masi 37:34  *****
93. iansmith United States CSU 37:59  
94. Seba Italy Eksjö SOK 38:06  
95. andre de veirman Belgium trol 38:07  
13 ????
96. Sklenicka Czech Republic SSU 38:29  
97. Charles_I Sweden OK Linne 38:32  
98. Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team 38:33  
99. hanne v Norway Byåsen IL 38:39  *****
100. Joni Germany OC Schwaben 39:08  *****
101. gvtoukc France TSN 39:25  
Agree with everybody :-) Bad big pine that prevent from seeing anything (my eyes hurt me), speed too high considering the thinness of trunks of other pines (impossible to stay out of their way), and ... bingo control 3. All the rest is great.
102. Mathias Myrefelt Sweden Skarpnäcks OL 39:34  
103. Joel Sweden SOK68 40:08  *****
104. Vulcan Japan Yamasaki IL 40:42  
105. jimmern Norway Tyrving IL 40:47  
106. TimZor Sweden Falköpings AIK OK 40:56  *****
107. rjm United States NEOH 40:58  *****
108. Olman Sweden Byasjöns OK 41:23  
109. HuggE Saudi Arabia SOL-BoyZ 41:49  
110. Linus Sweden 42:35  
111. Kea Spain RiOjA-O 43:02  *****
112. schetchikova Russian Federation Legenda 44:10  
113. furuczd Slovakia Farmaceut Bratislava 45:50  *****
114. Affro Sweden Falköpings AIK OK 46:00  
115. meike Germany OC Schwaben 46:05  
116. lostinthewood Cocos Islands AAA 47:05  *****
117. jp Roger France Marco 47:21  *****
118. tarmoq Estonia LSF Pronoking Team 47:26  
119. Vinogradov Mikhail Russian Federation Alfta-Ösa OK 48:05  
120. butros Switzerland OLV Zug 48:38  
121. Daria Kuzmina Russian Federation O-SPORT.1 50:10  
122. Califen Qatar Hadeland OL 50:23  
123. Kojon Netherlands HOC93 51:06  *****
124. Steffen Germany OC Schwaben 51:19  *****
125. lolob France chtiaventure 51:42  
126. Celine73 France EMHM 52:56  
127. Galina Vinogradova Russian Federation CSKA 53:22  
128. Boris Isaikin Russian Federation DINAMO 53:27  *****
129. Elina Sweden 55:50  
130. Vexi Finland Rajamäen Rykmentti 56:16  
131. LSV Ukraine O-club 56:27  
132. moho Germany ESV-DD 56:54  
133. Lasse skare Therkildsen Denmark OK-HTF 57:39  
134. yonigr Israel IZRAEL 60:40  
135. Baumann Edouard Switzerland SKOG 61:02  *****
136. Storesandgubben Norway Express 66:51  *****
137. cherries New Zealand HBOC 67:18  
138. Thoto Germany USV TU Dresden 70:39  *****
139. Tomo Sweden OK Skogsvargarna 71:22  *****
140. Jardys Czech Republic KSU 75:11  
141. ErkS Sweden Kvarnsvedens OK 76:10  
142. cwgray United States UNO 76:51  
Had trouble with one of those little pits.
143. Irina Russian Federation 78:08  
144. jb Senegal FIK 79:51  
145. blazo Serbia Rtanj 85:24  *****
146. Navigatormap Brazil GEBP 87:54  
147. Jonna Jungåker Sweden Korsnäs IF OK 106:40  
148. BekAmk Russian Federation MTBO SPb Club 120:09  
Pingle Norway Kolbotn og Skimt dnf  
Jeremy G Belgium Antwerp Orienteers dnf  
apnurmee Finland Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Jens Sweden Furåsens OK dnf  
BABSY Israel Ramat Hasharon dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  
SV Finland VaHa dnf  
Akva Ukraine Odessa dnf  
Jonatan Estonia OK Võru dnf  
nacho rubio Spain ALCON dnf  
Segisteg Sweden dnf  
Hollbeck Sweden Bromma-Vällingby SOK dnf  
Flaska Czech Republic Vyspely Jih Cech dnf  
carvo37 Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
Tovisen Sweden Knoppen dnf  
Kalugin Andrey Russian Federation Moscow dnf  
Jakob Schach Germany OC Schwaben dnf  *****
Christian Tingström Sweden OK Klemmingen dnf  
Mackanramis United States IKHP dnf  
MatteA Virgin Islands OK Tisaren dnf  
SiljeH Norway NTNUI dnf  
pedero Norway Nord-Østerdal OK dnf  
Ñåðãåé Russian Federation ÑÄÞØ dnf  
color Switzerland converter dnf  
Jackie United Kingdom BOK dnf  
AH Sweden Skattk�rrs IF dnf  
sime Switzerland ol.biel.seeland dnf  
MishaMatveev United States QOC dnf  
Ruben Carnero Spain Sotobosque dnf  
I fall in end of map. The map is more small than terrain.
Gollum New Zealand Misty Mountains dnf  
Robert Tellvik Sweden Tumba Mälarhöjden OK dnf  
MH Norway NTNUI dnf  
thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais dnf  
Helder Marcolino Portugal GD4C dnf  
Jocke78 Sweden dnf  
ozq Finland Espoon Suunta dnf  
erikblomgren Sweden Swedish Ski-O Mafia dnf  
Gosha18 France VHSO dnf  
Dennis Øbro Denmark tisvilde hegn ok dnf  
BB King Sweden ÖOK dnf  
leinadw Switzerland OLG KTV Altdorf dnf  
Signe Edsen Denmark Nordvest ok dnf  
James Taylor United Kingdom NOC dnf  
Filip Wadsten Sweden OK Landehof dnf  
Jonttuboy Christmas Island Lappeen rieto dnf  
tjalvedu Spain TJALVE dnf  
chung chi ming Hong Kong Akinallance dnf  
ShvedA Estonia MS Parma dnf  
Irdan Remark Germany Post SV Dresden dnf  
janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple dnf  
Thor_Norskov Denmark OK_Ost dnf  
Camel Slovakia Farmaceut Bratislava dnf  
Bloody phone and 3rd bingo
Karschtl Germany USV TU Dresden dnf  
Jochen Sweden GMOK dnf  
HPM Norway NTNUI dnf  
3 was so raandom!
Boris Uruguay OCOC dnf  
I fell into the crossable marsh just west of 16, and i just kept falling of the end of the world
Vorob'ev Vladimir Moldova Tiras-Orient dnf  
Wind Runner Canada FWOC dnf  
ande9468 Denmark Søllerød OK dnf  
Grøn Denmark OK Pan Aarhus dnf  
danielpinto Portugal CasteloesPNF dnf  
ALSvensson Sweden Finspångs SOK dnf  
Bertram Denmark Tisvilde hegn OK dnf  
Ian Lawford Vatican City MOKS dnf  
PEPBOMBER Andorra Club Oros dnf  
LPasturiza Brazil COSaM dnf  
Björck Bhutan OK Älme dnf  
wangis Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
TaipeiAIS United States I-Taiwan dnf  
antfor Sweden L-100 IF dnf  
roma444 Russian Federation universal dnf  
tastaiwan United States MNOC, CTOA dnf  *****
did not have land under foot everywhere on the map, looked like I reached the edge when I hadn't
DJ Coco France orient'express dnf  
Sportgalning Sweden GMOK dnf  
DanielBarkasz Romania CSU Craiova dnf  
RASMUS Guatemala OK Roskilde dnf