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[OCAD] Maajaa Long

Open:06:00 Sep 27 2009
Close:05:45 Oct 13 2009
Created by:Jukkis
Description:Old part of Maajaa map. Course is long and difficult.. no big RC:s. Controls are really hidden so be careful and remember to enjoy! I hope that it works because my own CPU is broken.. =I
Avg Rating:4.9 / 5.0 (45 votes)


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1. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 43:14  *****
2. ^ Seychelles ^^ 43:51  *****
so nice. did some small misstakes.
2. Knubbe Sweden OK Computer 43:51  *****
Well. Good race. Felt a big barrier on the left of the small pines?
4. Yury Masnyy Russian Federation SKIRUNNER.RU 45:29  *****
very changelling! thanks:)
5. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 45:38  *****
pretty bad race, mistakes everywhere, wt should be 42, maybe 41
6. Goran Winblad Sweden Rehns BK 45:54  *****
7. Øyvind Norway NTNUI 47:19  
8. Fredde Sweden nxtg 47:27  *****
9. mr Sweden OK Linné 47:28  *****
lots!! of mistakes wt 43, conversion is 5
10. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 47:47  
11. OBT France KLS 47:48  *****
12. Johanr Sweden GMOK 48:36  
13. Kristo Estonia 48:50  
14. Jakenm Sweden Gävle OK 48:55  
15. mansen Sweden GMOK 49:13  *****
bad race, one mig mistake and some small to, wonderful conversation
16. hamilton Sweden OK Linné 49:58  
lost too much time..
17. tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK 50:13  
getting stuck everywhere in these cliffs.. also i think the density is way too high!
18. Lee Sweden Södertälje-Nykvarn 50:43  *****
nice map, bad race
19. janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple 50:56  
20. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 50:59  *****
Hard but very nice. Stuck at some really steep places and a bunch of mistakes.
21. Eirik Norway Nydalens SK 51:02  *****
22. BeN'O France COCS 51:30  *****
Wouahh, happy to end this run xD Thanks for your events
23. Gustav B Sweden OK Ravinen 51:56  
24. jeschke Austria OLG Stroeck 52:25  
25. Thorne Finland JRV 53:09  
26. Jens Sweden Furåsens OK 53:18  *****
Really great map and a very nice course. Too bad I made some huge mistakes.
27. korv British Antarctic Territory Absolut OK 53:47  *****
28. Skrutten Sweden Ok vilse 53:57  
More of this! very realistic imo because it's bad sight with all the trees!
29. Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis 54:39  *****
today really isnt my day. worst race in weeks. Great map though! and yeah i saw the cliff lol
30. Bejmarn Sweden Freluga Farmers 55:00  *****
Hard to get the flow with the high vegetation. great map!!!
30. Michael Granqvist Sweden OK Ravinen 55:00  
30. mkietis Latvia Ozons 55:00  
33. SV Finland VaHa 55:29  
34. Marius Ødum Denmark OK ØST 55:33  
35. Rosander Philippines OK Tyr 55:35  
no flow at all
36. SlaR Sweden OK Computer 56:17  *****
Not much right on this run. Lots of hugh mistakes. Really nice map, to bad my little runner like to run into trees
37. Arvid Glowka Germany Borussia Dortmund 56:32  
38. Affro Sweden Falköpings AIK OK 56:50  
39. anderfo Norway NTNUI 57:24  *****
felt like real orienteering - probably the reason why i had such a bad run...
40. Kasper Westman Sweden VSOK 58:46  *****
41. beeker New Zealand papo 59:01  *****
42. Blackburn Finland TP 59:13  
43. andre de veirman Belgium trol 60:12  *****
44. William Sweden Malungs OK 60:35  
45. Kreiberg Denmark OK Roskilde 60:49  
46. LarZsa Sweden Hestra IF 61:22  
47. Ben Sand France viking 61:29  
48. Mange Sweden FK Göingarna 62:50  
49. jacks Sweden GMOK 63:04  
50. kajari Finland 63:14  
51. JH Finland MS Parma 66:23  *****
52. Fippe94 Sweden Stora Tuna OK 67:40  
53. Gordon Shumway Sweden Rehns BK 68:20  
54. offa Sweden Tuna 68:36  *****
55. Victor Bergstrand Sweden Motala AIF OL 70:08  
56. figge Sweden Freluga Farmers 70:23  *****
57. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 70:34  
58. wejo Sweden Småland 71:40  *****
59. Vasik France COBF 73:54  *****
60. HT Norway NTNUI 78:02  
61. Mogden New Zealand North West 78:14  
62. Arthur Raichmann Estonia LSF Pronoking Team 78:53  
63. SERG Russian Federation 79:09  
64. jimmern Norway Tyrving IL 79:44  
65. Trying Sweden 81:13  
66. Hyvve Sweden Skattkärrs IF 82:11  
67. nessie Sweden OK Ravinen 89:06  *****
I can imagine you've spent some time converting maps in your life to become this good. Thanks to you all the others get to run great races like this. Liked the long legs.
68. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 89:45  *****
69. gvtoukc France TSN 89:52  *****
A Jukkis comp is like a good french wine. You always enjoyed it, you want to take more but in the end, it's a headache :-)
70. honzau United States SDO 95:37  *****
71. Sylvain Emo France COBS 96:05  *****
72. rh355 New Zealand Auckland OC 96:40  
73. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 96:42  *****
problem with keyboard
74. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 101:09  *****
75. Lorenzo Italy Pol. Masi 104:29  
76. pahan Russian Federation Kaliningrad 135:29  
77. Linus Sweden 156:07  *****
78. Ura Russian Federation 160:20  *****
79. Osamoborac Croatia OK Linné 160:51  *****
very difficult
80. Pauli Norway Porsgrunn Ol 161:47  
81. Steken Sweden IF Rigor 163:21  
82. stephanie Beldjilali New Caledonia Convergence 168:42  
83. Chamonix Norway Konnerud 202:18  
84. esamboal Spain Entrebalizas 217:34  
Lutz Germany Treptower SV 1949 e.V. dnf  
jeb France VSO dnf  
Sugvaldsen Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
Alri Sweden OK Linné dnf  
Ally Israel Temp OK dnf  
BABSY Israel Ramat Hasharon dnf  
Storesandgubben Norway Express dnf  *****
Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
Martin_Regborn Sweden Hagaby GoIF dnf  
Suistuminen France TAD dnf  
VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team dnf  
stevegregg United States BAOC dnf  
Tynne Sweden dnf  
Henrik Berg Sweden Bromma-Vällingby SOK dnf  
rutten Norway Tyrving IL dnf  
sparven Sweden IKHP dnf  
OLofsson Sweden Pan-Kristianstad dnf  
Tovisen Sweden Knoppen dnf  
andy Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  *****
Axxl Sweden Söders SOL dnf  
MagnusIrestig Sweden Stigfinnarna dnf  
Grueni Austria Youth Team Austria dnf  
trompetMartin Norway Vegårshei IL dnf  
Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet dnf  
Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK dnf  
Valverde Sweden OK Hällen dnf  
Joe Berg Sweden OK Älgen dnf  
Brzi Slovenia OKB dnf  
Fraastad Norway Nydalen SK dnf  
edeen Sweden OK Kåre dnf  
Anden Bhutan Eksjö SOK dnf  
Mighty Quinn Sweden SOL-BoyZ dnf  
Subbe Norway Buvik IL dnf  
A.S.L. Lubina Germany TV Wattenscheid 01 dnf  
Niklas Sundqvist Sweden Tullinge SK dnf  
Ged Ireland 3ROC dnf  
Robert Tellvik Sweden Tumba Mälarhöjden OK dnf  *****
MH Norway NTNUI dnf  
Papus Poland UnTs WWA dnf  
KalleBergman Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
samus Croatia hoka hei dnf  
LSV Ukraine O-club dnf  
-=MoGiLaN=- Belarus O'Belarus dnf  *****
åáàë ÿ òàêóþ çåëåíü
matthias bryner Switzerland OLK Argus dnf  
Thomas Natvig rstad Micronesia NTNUI dnf  
Nigelasi Sweden Ulricehamns OK dnf  
ezrom Sweden LiTHe Vilse dnf  
shurik Ukraine OK Orion dnf  
Terkelsen Finland LS-37 dnf  
tjalvedu Spain TJALVE dnf  
Val France Orient'alp dnf  
Preta Brazil Kaapora O.C. dnf  
yann France EMHM dnf  
Celine73 France EMHM dnf  
Joel Lenell Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
Anton Karlsson Sweden OK Kullingshof dnf  
Elina Sweden dnf  
Camel Slovakia Farmaceut Bratislava dnf  
NorthBread-En Norway Halden SK dnf  
Karschtl Germany USV TU Dresden dnf