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[MC2009] Jerash

Open:07:00 May 07 2009
Close:07:00 May 14 2009
Map:/jerash 888/events/map contest/day1/sprint.course
Created by:sas
Description:Here is my map contest map. Unfortunantely i had to cut it since the world cup race because of the upload limit, but i still got a challenging course. If you get stuck it is YOUR fault not mine!. Please vote for me :D :D
Avg Rating:3.8 / 5.0 (39 votes)


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1. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 13:04  *****
mistakes and a bit stuck here and there
2. Alri Sweden OK Linné 13:11  *****
very good map, good race, not any big misstakes... more races on this map!
3. Yury Masnyy Russian Federation SKIRUNNER.RU 13:40  *****
Great! Much better with red points in control's center.
4. R Anderson Canada Ottawa OC 14:04  
5. Kristo Estonia 14:06  *****
6. Knubbe Sweden OK Computer 14:18  *****
7. the confused Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf 14:23  
8. Tinski Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 14:41  
1 min to 1st, after that a solid run, finally at this map also!
9. SlaR Sweden OK Computer 14:47  *****
Bad race from me, lot of misstakes
10. smed Kenya . 14:48  *****
... to many controlsbut else very nice
11. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 14:51  *****
12. mr Sweden OK Linné 14:52  *****
bad race
13. Rosander Philippines OK Tyr 14:53  
14. Daniels Sweden Attunda OK 14:59  
15. Jakenm Sweden Gävle OK 15:01  *****
16. MuHbl4 Russian Federation OMC - Orienta Moscow Compass 15:03  *****
Bad map and course... I got stuck in every stone, wall etc...
17. A.S.L. Lubina Germany TV Wattenscheid 01 15:13  
18. Fredde Sweden nxtg 15:14  *****
19. jacks Sweden GMOK 15:26  
20. Jonatan Estonia OK Võru 15:30  
21. Marius Ødum Denmark OK ØST 15:41  
22. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 15:49  
23. Goran Winblad Sweden Rehns BK 16:16  *****
24. *F@TsO* Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 16:22  
25. Kvicken Sweden Forsa Ok 16:23  
26. korv British Antarctic Territory Absolut OK 16:31  
27. MH Norway NTNUI 16:35  
28. Kreiberg Denmark OK Roskilde 16:39  
29. mansen Sweden GMOK 16:45  
30. Fredlund Sweden Tullinge SK 16:46  
31. shurik Ukraine OK Orion 16:51  
32. t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer 16:53  
im so bad at sprint races on CF
33. hamilton Sweden OK Linné 16:54  *****
That was one of the worst controll description I've ever seen! Impassable to understand for me. Stuck at some places...
34. Gollum New Zealand Misty Mountains 16:57  
35. Anders Karlsson Sweden Tumba Mälarhöjden OK 17:05  
36. Ben Sand France viking 17:08  
37. erikblomgren Sweden Swedish Ski-O Mafia 17:23  
38. Jukkis Finland Hiidenkiertäjät 17:31  *****
39. Stigsmark Sweden Stora Tuna OK 17:41  *****
40. Ally Israel Temp OK 17:48  
41. Kent Sweden Haninge SOK 18:04  
42. Elxigo Antarctica SOL-BoyZ 18:21  *****
nice goal! much better now with that pink dot! very inovative! haha that stuff on 8 were very annoying! one more comp! plz
43. Fippe94 Sweden Stora Tuna OK 18:22  
44. tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK 18:36  
Is this some kind of Macr-O? Controls everywhere.. I'll say it like this..: "You know how to create a map, but the courses are not good at all." passable walls takes like 2-3 tries before you manage to jump over them.. some of those 'gates' do not have TriNoclip (the one at 8th control). and the desc. at 14th was uhmm... didn't say much at all..
45. pedero Norway Nord-Østerdal OK 18:44  
46. mkietis Latvia Ozons 18:50  
47. Temyakov Andrey Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 18:55  
48. Backstrom Sweden SoIK Hellas 19:08  
49. Vinogradov Mikhail Russian Federation Alfta-Ösa OK 19:09  *****
50. Kalugin Andrey Russian Federation Moscow 19:16  
51. gab France vhso 19:20  
52. Johanr Sweden GMOK 19:23  
53. Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis 19:46  *****
Still really tricky! got stuck a few times but thats cfs fault not yours. Pink dots a good idea!
54. JumBo Czech Republic LenochObran team 19:57  
55. SV Finland VaHa 19:58  
56. Daniel Sweden OK Älgen 20:04  
57. Affro Sweden Falköpings AIK OK 20:09  
58. Ged Ireland 3ROC 20:10  
59. ittam Sweden IKHP 20:15  
60. Forney New Zealand PAPO 20:19  *****
Bad bad race by me
61. Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet 20:23  *****
got stuck once, and then i was confused and missed :) great !
61. Evgenij Krasnoyarov Russian Federation Russian Federation 20:23  *****
63. Andzsss Latvia OK Ogre 20:35  
64. sparven Sweden IKHP 21:14  
65. Michael Granqvist Sweden OK Ravinen 22:40  
66. thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais 22:44  
66. floffe Sweden Svaide/Roma SOK 22:44  
68. Hyvve Sweden Skattkärrs IF 23:00  
69. gvtoukc France TSN 23:51  
Could not go back for a while under a small bridge, just after punching a control. So, I don't want to rate 5. Otoh, I can't rate just 4 for such a great map. So i just don't rate. (would have rated 4,5 if possible !)
70. anderfo Norway NTNUI 24:01  
ran very carefully to avoid getting stuck - but i got stuck at least 5 times anyway. looks nice but i can't run here...
71. Alar Assor Estonia OK Põlva Kobras 24:21  
72. Amanda Sweden Lunnervikens OK 24:22  
73. Åke Sweden Forsa OK 24:34  
74. Laurent DVD New Caledonia Convergence 25:19  
75. Mille Sweden OK Roxen 25:36  
76. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 25:54  
77. bigE Canada Ottawa OC 26:20  
78. Heller Serbia PD Pobeda 26:42  
79. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 26:44  
80. Thomas Natvig rstad Micronesia NTNUI 26:45  
81. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 27:58  
82. JH Finland MS Parma 28:13  *****
83. ewhite United States O-Utah 28:38  
84. Jackie United Kingdom BOK 28:53  
85. Post Estonia OK Põlva Kobras 29:27  
86. Sebastian Torgersen Norway Bækkelagets sportsklub 30:04  
87. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 30:45  
88. Mathias Myrefelt Sweden Skarpnäcks OL 31:13  
89. Trying Sweden 31:38  
90. HV Finland Tampereen Pyrintö 32:39  *****
91. Vladimir Koltunov Russian Federation MTBO SPb Club 32:50  *****
92. angela simpson New Zealand rotorua 35:04  
93. Mitsku Finland 35:57  *****
94. eickhoff Sweden GMOK 39:06  
95. Harald Sweden Tormestorps IF 39:27  
96. GAndrey Brazil COGA 40:14  
97. BB King Sweden ÖOK 41:31  
98. Anna Pfyl Switzerland OLG Goldau 44:25  
99. ellis.lam New Zealand 60:00  
100. aferreira Portugal CPOC 65:05  
Mikko Finland 2Einsteins dnf  
Andrew Sweden IFK Lidingö dnf  
Strand Sweden GMOK dnf  *****
LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK dnf  
Got stuck...
jeb France VSO dnf  
Sugvaldsen Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
Jens Sweden Furåsens OK dnf  
hea Sweden VBOL dnf  
Vexi Finland Rajamäen Rykmentti dnf  
kajari Finland dnf  
Sabro Switzerland OLV Baselland dnf  
Lag when I looked on the map... Looked nice
beeker New Zealand papo dnf  
EBuckley United States SLOC dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  *****
Stucked in a passable wall. Still, great map
Charles_I Sweden OK Linne dnf  
Thorne Finland JRV dnf  
Aakoo Finland dnf  
Martin_Regborn Sweden Hagaby GoIF dnf  
Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Segisteg Sweden dnf  
Bibilion France Lyon dnf  
Jonte Sweden GMOK dnf  
Masken Sweden OK Linné dnf  *****
MrHenz Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Frode Norway Hakallestranda dnf  
andy Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
David Saianda Portugal Gafanhori dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Andersen Sweden OK Tisaren dnf  *****
worst crap I ever seen, got stuck also!!!!!
Chy Nick Ukraine Odessa dnf  
rb92 Austria OLC Wienerwald dnf  
Simon Markendahl Sweden OK Klyftamo dnf  *****
It's my one fault...
Anders B Norway Gjø-vard dnf  
Bejmarn Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
William Sweden Malungs OK dnf  
Nils Rolf Owensjö Sweden Åstrandens IF dnf  
Joe Berg Sweden OK Älgen dnf  
Victor Bergstrand Sweden Motala AIF OL dnf  
malejs Latvia OK Meridians dnf  *****
to heavy map
Frzfrz Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
got stuck...
edeen Sweden OK Kåre dnf  
Thomas Bjorkroth Sweden OK Djerf dnf  *****
got stuck, good work
BoBo TeSiL Czech Republic Spermium Ratitae dnf  
sten Sweden OK Roxen dnf  
Rasmus Kragh Denmark Skive AMOK dnf  
Jocke78 Sweden dnf  
Kipketer Norway Motbakkene dnf  
Pavo Poland dnf  
honzau United States SDO dnf  *****
sindrestoten Norway indre ostfold OK dnf  
Linus Sweden dnf  
yonigr Israel IZRAEL dnf  
Nypan Jr Sweden SoIK Hellas dnf  
BS Denmark Horsens OK dnf  
I got stucked
Stefan Palmesson Sweden GMOK dnf  
Angela Forseille Canada dnf  
James Taylor United Kingdom NOC dnf  
Mange Sweden FK Göingarna dnf  
Moa Sweden SNO dnf  
OlluEST Estonia OK Põlva Kobras dnf  
Ask Norway olderskog il dnf  *****