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[OCAD] Chateau de Montlosier

Open:07:00 May 18 2007
Close:07:00 May 30 2007
Map:/Chateau de Montlosier Contours/events/Chateau de Montlosier contours/day1/night.course
Created by:Øyvind
Description:Brown contour-, depression-, knollsonly-map. This is very hard, and probably very few will make it to the finish. NB: the terrain is a bit larger than the map, so to orienteerrelocate at the edge isn't a good solution!
Avg Rating:4.9 / 5.0 (9 votes)


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1. Rico (2) Denmark St. Binderup OK 30:27  
2. casper Denmark FIF Hillerød 31:11  
good run:) pretty controled all the way around
3. Lauri Heikka Finland SK Teurastajat 32:19  *****
Super tough, super fun! Greaat run. Few small mistakes.
4. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 32:45  
puhh, i got trough it pretty clean
5. Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK 32:57  
Din't miss any control but hit some steep areas really bad.
6. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 33:41  *****
bah! made some big misstakes
7. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 33:50  
8. L@uri Estonia OK Võru 34:30  
9. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 34:37  
10. Sjöberg Sweden Täby OK 34:46  
truly fun! pretty bad race
11. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 35:07  
safety run.. no big mistakes
12. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 35:10  *****
Too aggresive in the beginning.
13. tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK 35:11  *****
just safed through the race.. :) missed 5min .. :(
14. Razz. Sweden OK Linné 35:32  
15. Eirik (2) Norway Nydalens SK 36:25  
16. airlinefox Switzerland OLV Baselland 36:30  *****
No big miss but I always run very slow on this map. Nice textures btw.
17. Marius Ødum Denmark OK ØST 36:45  
18. the confused Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf 36:55  
19. rutten Norway Tyrving IL 37:31  
20. B-Ball United States NYY 38:00  
21. Petri Finland Ikaalisten Nouseva-Voima 38:05  
22. green goblin Switzerland OLJG Holde 38:12  
not a single good control..i can go soo much faster..:( and got stock in every steeper slope :(
23. Fincher United Kingdom Stora Tuna OK 38:46  
24. Andersen2 Hong Kong IK Gandvik 39:53  
25. Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team 40:42  
26. ms Norway HMKG 40:46  *****
10min missed
27. Andigo Sweden OK Nackhe 41:10  
28. Forney (3) New Zealand PAPO 43:10  
29. chiller Austria ASKÖ Henndorf 43:57  
30. Sabro Switzerland OLV Baselland 44:11  
Baaaaaad by meeee
31. Andrew Sweden IFK Lidingö 44:35  
32. Julien_ France COTS 49:09  *****
Just do it.. Slowly but I've finished! Excellent map as always, 5*
33. Kristo Estonia 50:18  
34. Zdenal Czech Republic TBM 51:10  
35. Aakoo Finland 52:13  
36. Vicko Czech Republic SSU 54:08  
37. Eddie Harwood Scotland Moravian 60:13  *****
It was mostly very nice, but those hills are so unrealistic grinding to a total halt several times. I don't remember doing that on this map before.
38. hamilton Sweden OK Linné 61:15  
just a "little" mistake on 11th
39. stevegregg United States BAOC 62:14  
40. Hunedoara Belarus Vitebsk OC 62:26  
41. AAS Weckström Finland SK Hukka 66:42  
42. Forney (2) New Zealand PAPO 73:45  *****
Lets have more of these. Very very badly lost on 2, get into it after that.
43. Yorkie Sweden Katrineholms OK 87:49  
44. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 104:01  
45. Sklenicka Czech Republic SSU 213:43  
t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer dnf  
mamma Uzbekistan NYC dnf  
Timo Sild Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Krilleisback Sweden Pan-Kristianstad dnf  
not in game anymore Virgin Islands ... dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  
Eugenio Carvalho Portugal .COM dnf  
Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna dnf  
AKO Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team dnf  
this is a pure sadomasochism
Tynne Sweden dnf  
I wasnt doing much right =D lol
PEDRO SUCH Brazil coc dnf  
OJ United Kingdom SYO dnf  
alexander Germany DJK Adler 07 Bottrop dnf  
BABSY Israel Ramat Hasharon dnf  
Kvicken Sweden Forsa Ok dnf  
Tero Rist Antarctica OLV Baselland dnf  
Dicky Mooij Netherlands Argus dnf  
Kripaps Latvia Riga dnf  
jeroen.van.der.kleij Belgium hamok dnf  
Luis M Santos Portugal CPOC dnf  
segal Israel lev hasharon dnf  
mahlberger Sweden Göteborg Majorna OK dnf  
Alri Sweden OK Linné dnf  
dre Belgium trol dnf  
Ben Sand France viking dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Chris McCartney United Kingdom Octavian Droobers dnf  
hea Sweden VBOL dnf  
Ivo Kamenarov Bulgaria Stora Tuna OK dnf  
Hson the manlocustella Sweden Kalixin Kaljamahat dnf  
Irene Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
carvo37 Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
nighto France COTS dnf  
Gustav Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna dnf  
Andersen Sweden OK Tisaren dnf  
Joao P Carvalho Portugal .COM dnf  
Akva Ukraine Odessa dnf  
markuspuusepp Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Øyvind (2) Norway NTNUI dnf  
Tynne (2) Sweden dnf  
Akva (2) Ukraine Odessa dnf  
jeschke (2) Austria OLG Stroeck dnf  
Mitsku (2) Finland dnf  
Silly Billy (2) Andorra Mystery Creek dnf  
rogga (2) Sweden polisens if dnf  
ddavi (2) Mali Coc dnf  
Silly Billy (3) Andorra Mystery Creek dnf