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[city-OCAD] amateur sprint

Open:21:15 Dec 04 2006
Close:08:00 Dec 13 2006
Map:/fanta-city/events/day/day1/sprint 2.course
Created by:green goblin
Description:though i'll do a new course just for fun! tricky map but easier course! and the terrain is not also easy to read! so i think it's good training for those who can't really handle city maps yet! have fun!
Avg Rating:4.8 / 5.0 (16 votes)


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1. Jari W Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 17:18  *****
Fun! Big mistake to 6 and some wrong routes.
2. Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK 17:36  *****
I think the speed is good, much better the fast usual. I did a very bad race. Some bad routes (I never get that the black lines are walls,) some slow contols and big mistake to 7:th.
3. Marius Denmark SPRING CUP OK 17:52  
4. Razz. Sweden OK Linné 18:05  
Missed tooo much :( Rastafaride u should not slow down the speed on these course...
5. enis Sweden Gävle OK 18:45  
6. Øyvind Norway NTNUI 18:47  *****
I'm sick today, it sucks! But anywawy, nice map.
7. Pevi Finland Rasti-Nokia 18:51  *****
Some bad routes...
8. Gio Switzerland Gold Savosa 18:56  *****
good start, then 2 miss (1'30'') nice setting luc!
9. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 18:58  *****
Very nice course. Big mistake at control 10 and a smaller one at control 3, two very good legs.
10. Eirik Norway NTNUI 19:17  
11. OL1 Austria Ulricehamns OK 19:33  
12. Olga Finland OuTa 19:45  
13. mkietis Latvia Ozons 19:51  
14. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 20:05  
15. Tero Rist Antarctica OLV Baselland 20:06  
16. Martin Jullum Norway Halden SK 20:15  *****
really nice, and much better training when you can have control while you're running. lost the control to 5th.
17. Goran Winblad Sweden Rehns BK 20:18  
18. jover Belgium OMEGA 20:19  *****
Luckily you set the speed rather low! Otherwise it should be too difficult I think! Good job! (for perfection: maybe give the houses different textures and height randomness 0. Groundtexture is very nice!)
19. Jouni Kujala Finland KoS 20:20  
20. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 20:21  
21. Jeremy G Belgium TROL 20:25  
22. L@uri Estonia KJ SK 20:32  
23. alexander Germany DJK Adler 07 Bottrop 20:37  
24. goofy Sweden Ok tyr 20:46  
25. Drejtoj Sweden OL-Teamet 20:57  
26. Tynne Sweden 21:05  
pretty hard anyway. but you shouldnt make legs like 8th and 3rd =/ that is called bad ctrl-setting. otherwise it was okey! but so wasnt my race =( worse race for like 2 weeks
27. Saku Finland Hiisirasti 21:10  
28. casper Denmark FIF Hillerød 21:14  
29. Marius Ødum Denmark OK ØST 21:32  
30. LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK 21:36  *****
Make ground height randomness 0 next time. Nice anyway.
31. nilsen Norway Fart OK 21:41  
32. Mats Norway Halden SK 21:43  
was in the lead...fuck that black walls...miss at 2nd
33. maetthu Switzerland OLG Rymenzburg 21:45  
34. Tinski Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 21:46  
35. ms Norway HMKG 22:18  
36. severin Switzerland OLG Herzogenbuchsee 22:27  
37. EMSV Sweden OL-Teamet 22:31  
38. Ivo Bulgaria Kristiansand OK 22:38  
39. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 22:40  
Nice course. Did a lot of mistakes.. But it's totally impossible to run city-o with keyboard...
40. Vicko Czech Republic SSU 22:46  
41. Lauri Heikka Finland SK Teurastajat 23:00  
Had it going pretty nice until 8th. A bit lost to 9 and 10
41. too fast! France theteam 23:00  
43. rutten Norway NTNUI 23:01  
44. vaskinn Norway NTNUI 23:03  
45. gristwood United Kingdom EWOK 23:11  
46. karkar Switzerland OLV Luzern 23:14  
47. Gian Andri Switzerland OLJG Holde 23:15  *****
a lot of mistakes!
47. PerØyvind Norway OK Moss 23:15  
49. Warti der Kornkreiscowboy Austria ASKÖ Henndorf 23:17  
50. mike denver Costa Rica 23:27  
51. Jonas_91 Sweden Tullinge SK 23:36  
52. Utt Sweden OK Computer 23:43  
53. pette Finland Kangasala SK 23:44  
54. t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer 23:45  
55. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 23:50  
56. Yngve Volden Norway Løten OL 24:04  *****
57. Edik Czech Republic 24:13  
58. Alri Sweden OK Linné 24:20  
59. Vojcek Czech Republic SSU 24:21  
60. Julien_ France COTS 24:35  
61. Benjamin Hofmans Belgium ASUB 24:45  
62. olive France esat 25:09  
63. Daniel Sweden OK Älgen 25:27  
64. Mikee Switzerland Bussola OK 25:28  
64. Pardal Finland Lynx 25:28  
66. xent Finland Kangasala SK 25:30  
67. scary Norway Asker SK 25:40  
68. Alban Dalberto France VSO 26:00  
69. sebi.h Switzerland oljg holde 26:40  
70. VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team 27:08  
71. marcusm Sweden Sävedalens AIK 27:54  *****
I am so fuckin bad!!!
72. Steffen Germany OC Schwaben 28:03  
73. Martin Posselt Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 28:06  *****
74. Tono Leon Spain ALCON 29:03  
75. lynxet France GO78 29:31  
76. Fed Sweden Sävedalens AIK 29:37  
77. Bibilion France Lyon 29:45  *****
very hard not to lose concentration ...!
77. Timax France AS IGN 29:45  
79. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 29:49  *****
80. Sebastian Ekman Sweden Västvärmlands OK 30:11  
81. Vegard B Saga Norway Fart OK 30:53  
82. Mat Switzerland OLV Zug 31:02  
83. Frida Sweden Ronneby OK 31:03  
84. offa Sweden Tuna 31:26  
85. wagner Norway KSOL 31:33  
86. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 32:55  
87. Eddie Harwood Scotland Moravian 32:57  
Wow Luc, that was magical. Very well planned (I don't know what Tynne is talking about).
88. Kripaps Latvia Riga 33:18  
89. Salatik Czech Republic 33:37  
90. Flippo Spain Xinoxano 33:45  
91. Vasili Ukraine Kiev 33:57  
92. T.Nishimura Japan Zombies 34:27  
93. stevegregg United States BAOC 34:50  
94. Simi Vatican City OK Kullingshof 36:16  
95. Kojon Netherlands HOC93 36:28  
96. gab France vhso 37:06  
97. Anbjorn Grindheim Norway Vålerenga Ski 37:40  
98. kwtk1 New Zealand NW 40:10  
99. integrall Israel Temp OK 40:34  
100. Dan Byström Sweden OK Virdarna 41:24  
101. Maik Finland PR 43:47  
102. aizo Latvia Ziemelkurzeme 45:13  
103. Genar D Belgium TROL 46:04  
104. Nugget Australia Victorian Nuggets 46:20  
105. Stiible Senegal Senegal ol 47:50  
106. Anna Simkovics Austria OLC Wienerwald 51:20  
107. Adam United States OCIN 55:39  
108. baylamon Germany OLG Hös 58:28  
109. CoachCoen United Kingdom BOK 84:30  
SchIve Norway Halden SK dnf  
read the numbers wrong at 5th...lost so much time i got COMPLETLY unmotivated..and after spending a while just fooling around i decided it just wasen't any point to continue..
samivirta Finland MS Parma dnf  
Nails United Kingdom SYO dnf  
Tyson Australia Southern Arrows dnf  
Théo France JOG dnf  
Bjorn Ekeberg Norway IL Tyrving dnf  
Krügerol Germany OK Ravinen dnf  
Teichmann Germany Planeta Radebeul dnf  
apnurmee Finland Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Jonas Papua New Guinea Jÿrla if ok dnf  
Pim France HVO dnf  
Blackburn Finland TP dnf  
yobbienteer Australia Red Roos dnf  
Bard Norway Halden SK dnf  
Ben France TAD dnf  
8 Norfolk Island GMOK dnf  
Konring Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
Joenu Switzerland OLG Rymenzburg dnf  
jeb France VSO dnf  
Sugvaldsen Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
Jimmy L Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Barre Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
Birko Norway OK Skøynar dnf  
PMH Denmark Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Jens Sweden Furåsens OK dnf  
hea Sweden VBOL dnf  
aroz Finland Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Nuno Pires Portugal Ori-Estarreja dnf  
Furu Norway IL Tyrving dnf  
mattsson Russian Federation Jÿrla IF OK dnf  
Sabro Switzerland OLV Baselland dnf  
airlinefox Switzerland OLV Baselland dnf  
Petri Finland Ikaalisten Nouseva-Voima dnf  
mike magic Sweden OK Linné dnf  
Keios Estonia OK Põlva Kobras dnf  
nilmag Sweden LOK dnf  
Peter Emanuel Wessel Denmark Farum dnf  
Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna dnf  
Hunedoara Belarus Vitebsk OC dnf  
Yuriy Ukraine Odessa dnf  
Kemal Sweden Halmstad OK dnf  
jeroen.van.der.kleij Belgium hamok dnf  
Selma Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
Magnus_84 Sweden OK Älvsjö Örby dnf  
Vincent France Scapa Nancy dnf  
Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team dnf  
Wicked Western Sahara Wing dnf  
korv British Antarctic Territory Absolut OK dnf  
frOls Norway OK Moss dnf  
Jonatan Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Michol Libya dnf  
stefan Sweden OK Älvsjö Örby dnf  
Gurr Sweden Stora Tuna IK dnf  
aghusgh Yemen HUHU dnf  
not in game anymore Virgin Islands ... dnf  
nacho rubio Spain ALCON dnf  
toeffetom Norway Fart ok dnf  
@sko Finland Rasti-Nokia dnf  
KA Norway Fana IL dnf  
AndersPB Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
samppoo Finland SK Teurastajat dnf  
OMH Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Zhukov Russian Federation dnf  
hamilton Sweden OK Linné dnf  
Mariule Lithuania OK Javonis dnf  
sebastian vontobel Switzerland OLG Suhr dnf  
bnazario Portugal Ori-Estarreja dnf  
SlowMo Sweden Jÿrla if ok dnf  
stockholm Belgium dnf