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Vulcania - Middle

Open:08:00 Nov 23 2019
Close:08:00 Dec 08 2019
Map:/Cheire open STRETCH/events/Cheire open/day1/Course0.course
Created by:Roman
Description:A fun and hard challenge. no northline, fast speed. (another part of cheire de come) Good luck !
Avg Rating:4.9 / 5.0 (20 votes)


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1. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 30:12  *****
2. Ugglan Sweden Malungs OK 30:33  *****
3. Mattman Sweden GMOK 30:35  
4. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 30:43  *****
5. Kipchoge Kenya UCOC 31:41  
6. Albinz Sweden OK Njudung 32:02  
7. color Switzerland converters 32:03  
really fun, but the legability is very bad because of the semi open. Maybe also becaues the contours are too red?! Would leave the semi open away :) had many mistakes
8. Carl Josefsson Sweden Sävedalens AIK 33:27  
9. jean France VSO 35:10  *****
cool mais mauvaise course :/
10. Cinis Latvia Vehkalahden Veikot 35:49  
didnt hold the pressure, big miss
11. Valverde Sweden OK Hällen 36:31  *****
12. LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK 36:54  
One bad controlplacement where it was in a pit in a tree. The lack of northlines was mental terror, haha
13. Landli Sweden OLGY Slayers 37:43  *****
Nice race just a bad one for me
14. oxVovve Norway Centrum OK 38:41  *****
15. Skalkin United States Ulsk 39:10  
16. Viktorgu Sweden IKHP 39:37  
17. Frasco Italy PL O-Maggiore 41:26  
18. mkietis Latvia Ozons 44:17  *****
19. Ben Sand France viking 45:01  
20. teddy Norway KLS 45:56  
21. Hosue Spain ok 46:04  
22. WST New Zealand HBOC 46:22  
23. William Sweden Malungs OK 48:28  *****
24. Arthur Raichmann Estonia LSF Pronoking Team 50:20  
25. SERG Korea, North 51:31  
26. CCuelho Uruguay FUO 51:49  
27. honzau United States SDO 52:22  *****
28. christian cuelho Uruguay FUO 55:32  
29. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 56:02  *****
30. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 57:52  
31. Christ Canada GHO 57:59  
32. jeb France VSO 58:57  
33. Eerik Czech Republic 60:52  
34. carlit Finland BO 67:40  
35. pier British Indian Ocean Territory usp 67:55  *****
36. nemytoff Russian Federation Ulsk 70:44  *****
37. fernigac Spain colmenar 73:36  
38. bedafre Canada Ottawa Orienteering Club 76:09  *****
39. Fabien OZOUF France RO Paris 76:35  
40. MChub Ukraine Ottawa OC 77:16  
41. O-Outan France Thai'O 79:04  *****
42. Baumann Edouard Switzerland OLC SKOG Freiburg 82:02  
43. Steve O'Neill New Zealand PAPO 84:17  *****
44. billd United States WestConnOC 85:55  
45. Jeff Australia UFO 86:46  
46. Rafael J Bossi Brazil Natura CO 89:02  
47. Oliqi Germany OC Galaxy 116:51  *****
North lines would be great, but apart from that great contour lines reading practice!
48. WN Chung Hong Kong HKOC 129:56  
49. manzen Yemen UUCO 134:48  
Glad to have made it to the finish!
HV Finland Tampereen Pyrintö dnf  *****
mikkelh Norway Freidig dnf  
Ivar Lundanes Norway Södertälje-Nykvarn dnf  
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Trying Sweden dnf  
Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
Issebean Sweden IKHP dnf  
Acke Granbarr Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Olof Larén-Sandgren Sweden Växjö OK dnf  
Ossa18 Sweden Malungs OK dnf  
mogd001 New Zealand OK Linné dnf  
Didde Sweden OK Kåre dnf  
artemisia_genipi Switzerland CO Cern dnf  
Emiliyan_Onoufriev Bulgaria Variant 5 dnf  
Carlos Vera Guerrero Spain Toledo-O dnf  
GS2013 Brazil COSAM dnf  
georgG Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
Gohu France KLS dnf  
jpasturiza Brazil COSAN dnf  
mk77 France ze ouineurs dnf  
NattZebra Sweden GMOK dnf  
virre Sweden Hestra IF dnf  
Lindblom98 Sweden Ok Roxen dnf  
Uffe Sweden Leksand dnf  
juliano pereira Brazil CODD dnf  
Cap Sweden Biktorsboys OF dnf  
ur Germany Berlin dnf  
Vitaly K Russian Federation Omega Moscow dnf  
CarlP Sweden OK Klemmingen dnf  
Frik8th Russian Federation Moscow dnf  
Jesper Åkesson Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
John Wick European Union Killers dnf  
JohnT4 Sweden OKH dnf  
Anton Uhov Russian Federation Ulsk dnf  
joesunley United Kingdom WCOC dnf  
ANDREY.Gelson Brazil COGA dnf  
Gäddan Sweden Bottenskrapet dnf  
JohnT3 Sweden OKH dnf  
show Switzerland Tampereen Pyrintö dnf  
udenszale Latvia Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
erbo Antarctica Järfälla OK dnf  
weekn Antarctica Nydalens SK dnf  
Nichlas Wallström Sweden Sävedalens AIK dnf  
Petterlov1 Norway kk runningteam dnf  
joris smet Belgium TROL dnf  
NerzJongleur Austria Klosterneuburg dnf