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Open:16:00 Mar 07 2005
Close:15:45 Mar 20 2005
Map:/rnd-0cju1kw1kwb825big95r6xi70il200ktgb2s9e/events/Quincyham Hill/day1/ULong.course
Created by:Charly Boichut
Description:Could be interesting I think. Need technic, and compass !!!
Avg Rating:3.5 / 5.0 (4 votes)


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1. Gio Switzerland Gold Savosa 59:40  *****
i hit 3 times a threes, and i make little mistake (6,19,?)
2. Mat Switzerland OLV Zug 60:26  *****
3. Vincent Coupat France OZone 60:54  *****
A small mistake at rd.Hit trees ans lot of bushes. Nevertheless that's a nice map!!!
4. Rhys United Kingdom ShUOC 62:34  
hit many trees and lost time at 22
5. Andrew Sweden IFK Lidingö 62:42  
6. Nails United Kingdom SYO 63:41  
7. Laurent Saint-Marcel France VSAO 67:10  
8. J9 Finland Ylistaron Kilpa-Veljet 68:43  
9. Samuel Finland Suunta-Sepot 69:34  
A big mistake on the second contro l. Otherwise pretty well.
10. goofy Sweden Ok tyr 70:24  
11. Kipeter Switzerland OLC Kapreolo 72:37  
12. Sarah Sweden Ronneby OK 74:30  
13. Torgny Sweden Ronneby OK 75:41  
14. Per Svantesson Sweden IK Ymer 76:24  
Very nice map!!! Bad race for me, way too sloppy or ienteering.
15. Chris Switzerland OLV Zug 78:13  
16. Kai Pasonen Finland VaHa 82:26  
17. Øivind Myhre Norway Kongsberg O-Lag 108:17  
KthulU Norway Eiker OL dnf  *****
Bah... boring terrain. Missed the 5t h control, and I couldn't find it at once, so I gave up...
SchIve Norway Halden SK dnf  
The map were to slow for my comput er
Pevi Finland Rasti-Nokia dnf  
samivirta Finland MS Parma dnf  
yannsavoie France Course d'orientation dnf  
frog Grenada run tan plan dnf  
frank_PR Finland Paimion Rasti dnf  
pasonen Finland KooVee dnf  
NP5 Portugal COPPTIn dnf  
Charly Boichut France dnf  
Sverre Norway Tyrving IL dnf